We Unboxed a few Apple iPhone 11 Pros

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iPhone 11 Pros

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro is superior when it comes to recording videos because of its excellent 4k quality. The iPhone 11 comes with a charger that uses a USB type C charging cable, and on the other end, it is the standard lightning port to connect your phone to the charger. The charger gives up to 11 amps of power, while the earlier versions only give up to 5 amps of power. Thus, more power is delivered to the iPhone more quickly and efficiently. The battery life is much more longer for the iPhone 11 Pro than previous generations. When it comes to camera quality, it’s better to get the Apple iPhone 11 Pro versus its former, the iPhone 11 because the iPhone 11 Pro has a triple-lens system while the iPhone 11 has a dual-lens rear system. In addition, the iPhone 11 Pro is smaller and lighter than the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 Pro’s triple-lens system includes the telephoto camera combined with Deep Fusion processing allows for better image quality even when the camera is zoomed in. In the package, a set of earbuds are included as well.

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