Koopman 4K HDR HDMI Switch

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Koopman 4k HDR HDMI Switch

To hook a bunch of HDMI devices to one location, the Koopman 4k HDR HDMI Switch has you covered. The Koopman 4k HDR HDMI Switch has a total of 5 HDMI ports, 4 input and 1 output. Even with more than one HDMI device connected to it, the switch can still run 4k video quality. A remote control comes with the package to allow you with just a press of a button to switch from one HDMI device to another. A power adapter is also included besides a USB cable with one side having a standard USB port and the other side a micro USB port.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3d4syVY

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Product Description

The Koopman 4k HDR HDMI Switch is the perfect choice for video and audio signals in 4k@60Hz quality with a lossless transmission.

How to switch?

  1. IR Remote Switch: HDMI switch with remote lets you easily control the HDMI switcher (turn on/turn off, switch signals) within 23ft, switch the HDMI sources without leaving your comfortable seat.
  2. Manual Switch: Press the SWITCH button on the HDMI Connector to choose whichever HDMI input you want.
  3. Auto Switch: HDMI Switcher Hub supports auto-switch to the currently active input.


  • Supports HDCP 2.2 (Also backward compatible with HDCP 1.4, 1.3).
  • Supports HDR10.
  • Supports 4K@60Hz UHD signal (also backward compatible with 480P/720P/1080i/1080P/3D) input and output.
  • Supports MHL function, with LED indication function.
  • Supports audio formats such as DTS, DTS-HD, Apple Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos.
  • Supports 3D devices like PSVR and automatic identification of the signal source.

24-Month Warranty:

All Koopman products are backed by our 24-Month Product Warranty and you will always get friendly support via support@koopman.io or call us via (812)-610-962.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 4 in 1 out HDMI Switch
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Remote Control (2 AAA batteries are not included)
  • 1 x User Manual


  1. This is an HDMI switch, not an HDMI splitter. It only supports 4 in 1 out and not 1 in 4 out.
  2. Please use 4K High-Speed HDMI 2.0 cables (26/28/30 AWG) within 16ft. (Both Input and Output)
  3. Please turn the power off when the switch is not being used for a long time.
  4. This is not an HDMI 2.1 Switch.

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